My First Meme?

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• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
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[info]karenhealey asked me:

1. What was the best movie you saw this year?

Although I have rewatched three of my favourite movies recently (two were on terrestrial television the other morning), the best new film I saw was probably (500) Days Of Summer. I was expecting good things but I suppose it hit home and felt very real for me. Although there was little insight into the world of the titular character, just the fact that the protagonist didn't "win her back" by being true to his ambitions shot it right up there.

2. What's a tenet someone *needs* to hold to be your friend?

If I were to audition the entire population it is more likely that the top tenet would be a respect for injustice, and those who perpetuate prejudicial prattle not because they haven't overcome it but because they cannot or do not care to see the harm; do not get a call back.
However I am fortunate enough not to meet these people in my small circles and the 'a' in "a tenet" allows me to choose one, rather than the most important one. Whilst I'm willing to accept most anyone as a friend, those whose presence I often can't stand and are unlikely to be a friend I actively care about do not show tolerance themselves. I guess it's a bundle of acceptance, understanding and if I can squeeze it in some form of loyalty/honesty. I can deal with negativity, but always criticising and complaining about people one knows nothing about is off-putting and if one often speaks negatively about people behind their backs, I won't trust them behind mine.

3. Who do you most admire?

There are many famous people whom, for different reasons, I would love to get to know or spend more time around / listening to, so I'm going to limit this to people I know. I admire an artist in England whose occupation I refer to in their reference because 'tis one of the main aspects of my admiration. This person's creativity and positivity are at the forefront of their personality and I am a sucker for those others who can be so positive in a world of negative opportunities, especially by showing creativity, imagination, wonder and excited freedom from inhibition.

4. What's your wildest ambition?

Of the many things at the bottom of my 'to do' list, one that would require the most skill and forethought would be "play and sing enthusiastically on stage to a large crowd who love it".

5. How have you been awesome lately?

In one weekend I found and justified evidence that I uphold all the graduating teacher standards.